New Collaboration

A new partnership has been created between furniture and communication support manufacturer SESA SYSTEMS, with a German Lean Training Institute, LEAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUT, to translate and promote e-learning games in this language.

New collaboration : German training institute

SESA SYSTEMS is proud to announce its partnership with the LEAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUT

New collaboration with a German training institute

We are pleased to announce the partnership we have established this year with the German Training Institute, LEAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUT.

New production organization method

The LEAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUT aims to support companies in all sectors on their way to « Lean Top Performer » and to support them as best as possible during the implementation of progress initiatives for an effective anchoring of LEAN, particularly in the context of Industry 4.0.

The LEAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUT offers a specific LEAN program including:
· Open seminars
· Coaching
· Audit and assessment tests
· Industry 4.0 on the DEMOFABRIK site at the Aachen university
· E-Learning training games

This collaboration results in the traduction and promotion of 12 E-Learning training games in german in order to offer the SESA Systems APPROACH products to german companies.

Explanation of the e-Learning 5S, TPM, Lean office, autonomous team, HOSHIN, KAIZEN, KANBAN, Lean manufacturing, PDCA, Security, SMED, Visual management training games.

Educational tools for fun e-learning training

Process allowing the training of all the staff :
· in a limited time, for a cheap price with a new method
· developping team spirit and involving the whole team around a new group dynamic. The operators are now actors.

E-Learning training games are promoting knowledge sharing and allows a fun and innovative apprach compared to classic trainings.

We are convinced that this synergy between SESA SYSTEMS and the LEAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUT will enable German companies to meet the challenges of tomorrow even better by supporting change and training all company employees in LEAN Manufacturing methods.

E-Learning training games

12 training games involving continuous improvement methods along with a process for a clean and fonctionnal environnement to discover.

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