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Sit-stand desks improve comfort and health at work

Health at work, not only in workshops but also in offices, has become a real issue for companies. The working environment, the equipment and the tools made available to employees are important elements when it comes to working conditions. With optimal working conditions, employees become more motivated and productive. The principle of ergonomics does not only apply in production spaces. In offices, workloads are less heavy and tasks can be less repetitive, but it is also essential for employees at the office to work in a suitable and dynamic position. Often ignored to the detriment of a high-performance IT tool, there are however many simple and affordable solutions to create a favorable working environment while considering the well-being of the teams.

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Bureau assis debout électrique et ergonomique

Height-adjustable desks for ergonomics in offices

Ergonomics at work is now an essential concern in our way of working. The evolution of working methods and the growing number of employees who spend more and more time at their workplace bring new perspectives in the way of working, where it is necessary to adapt the work, the tools, and methods. It is important to consider the employee’s physical and psychological aspects as well and this is where SESA Systems recommend the use of height-adjustable desk. Humans are not made to sit for long hours and the possibility of working in a seated-standing position improves comfort at work and preserves the health of the employee. This will help reduce MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders), particularly back pain and shoulders. The ergonomic height-adjustable desk relieves the strain on the spine while providing suitable posture to increase employee's working skills while boosting performance.

Sit-up desks : Ensuring productivity at work.

Working under better working conditions has a positive impact on employee morale. Since humans work better with movements, the height-adjustable sit-stand desk offers a dynamic working position. Changes in posture stimulate the body and improve blood circulation to the muscles : it helps reduce general fatigue and thus improves concentration at work! The adjustable sit-stand desk is more than just a desk. Adjustable in height, the electric sit-stand desk adapts to each individual and adjusts according to their physical characteristics and morphology.
This means creating a work environment conducive to well-being as well as productivity gain !
To achieve this, however, it is necessary to use the right tools and apply good practices.

How to organize your workspace with a sit-stand desk

For a well-organized work environment relating to LEAN Office and sit-stand desks , it is essential to be well equipped. The choice of the office chair , screens, the organization of your work surface to an impact on ergonomics at work: you can consult our white paper.
When it comes to " seated " position , it is essential to have a comfortable and well-adjusted seat and SESA SYSTEMS offers a selection of office chairs.

To get comfortable in your ergonomic office chair:

Sit well and support your back on the backrest, keeping it straight : the pressure of the intervertebral discs is better distributed, the rib cage expands for better lung capacity which facilitates breathing and cardiac function.

Adjust the height of the backrest and lower back. Maintaining the lumbar zone is essential.

Adjust the seat height so that the femur and the tibia form a right angle. The feet should rest flat on the floor or on the footrest.

Adjust the backrest angle depending on your weight.

For a more dynamic posture, it is also possible to use the ergonomic ball chair a few hours a day: it contributes to muscle strengthening and good postural support.

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Once you are comfortably seated in your office chair, adjust the height of your sit-stand desk:

  • 1. Adjust the height of the electric sit-stand desk to have the right balance between pelvis and legs. Ensure the knees form a right angle to facilitate good back support.
  • 2. The ergonomic desk surface should be at elbow level and place arms at the side.

Alternate between sitting and standing with ease with the height-adjustable sit-stand desk, which is 100% electric ! When standing, remember to properly adjust the platform at the level of your elbows to avoid pain in the shoulder. It is also recommended to organize your work surface well to work in the best possible conditions to relieve muscle pain. To start, apply 5S: what do you need to work ? Then lay out all your commonly used tools in the area reachable by your hands. To free up space on the surface of your sit-stand desk, you can use the LEANERGO to hang screens, document holders , lockers or even an electric ramp. Finally, to relieve the pressure exerted on the feet, legs and back when standing, we recommend the use of an anti-fatigue mat for the office.

You are now ready to use a sit-stand desk and transform your work environment in a more ergonomic way ! Do not hesitate to download our catalog to find out more ! You can also browse our products dedicated to the creativity space for an inspiring, dynamic and connected work environment thanks to our solutions Industry 4.0, innovative solutions for the implementation of digital visual management.

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