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Ergonomic Workstations Increase Quality

Because ergonomics limits accidents at work and prevents occupational diseases caused by unhealthy movement and posture, it is becoming more important in factories and offices. The Lean office approach is an ideal solution for implementing ergonomics in your work space to increase employee comfort and production.

Designing your Ergonomic Workspace

Office workers experience a lot of inactivity during the day. They sit while driving to work, they sit at their desk throughout the workday and often sit at home after work. Sitting for 7 to 8 hours a day is dangerous to your health. It's not wonder employees who sit during the day often report back pain. An ergonomic work arrangement is needed to minimize the risk of MSD by acquiring a good working position.

In order to make the workstation ideal for the user, it is useful to combine Lean Office with ergonomics. This Lean Management approach is an administrative organization principle that aims to make administrative flows simple and visual, while also reducing existing waste. The ergonomics incorporated the Lean approach improves the operator's working conditions by promoting good posture and eliminating unnecessary movements. Ultimately this saves, time in administrative processes and thus makes the company more competitive.

An Ergonomic Office Chair

Our specially engineered office chair takes into consideration the work carried out on a daily basis and seeks to provide optimal employee comfort while seated. The seat follows the different movements of the human body to ensure the pelvis and spine are the best working conditions. This is achieved through a synchronous mechanism. Despite having an ergonomic seat, it is always possible to have musculoskeletal disorders due to inadequate seat adjustment. The height of the seat can be adjusted, but it is preferable to adjust the height of the desk as well, to have the appropriate balance between the legs and the pelvis.

An Ergonomic Adjustable Desk

Our innovative LEANERGO Electric Desk accommodates any user height to promote comfort throughout the working day. This flexibility is based on an electrical system that is easiy to control with use of a button, a mobile application or at keyboard. This office desk helps stimulate the body, optimize concentration and reduce fatigue that often occurs while sitting all day at work. An addtional standing option reduces muscle tension. Sesa Systems makes the work space a place of well-being and comfort with equipment that improves employee health and performance.

Organize Your Work Space

Adding an adjustable seat and desk to a work space is a great start, but there is more to the Lean Management approach than just office furniture. The work surface is an important aspect that is often overlooked, but can cause a disturbance in work flow and effective time management. Tools, paper, screens, keyboards and any number of other items must be easily accessible to the user. To promote an ergonomic work surface dedicated to the user, Sesa Systems created the LEANERGO ALUMINUM, a revolutionary structure that frees space on the work surface, defines the locations of items and keeps the user organized, saving valuable time and promoting optimal flow.

Lean Ergonomics at Work

Want to learn more about ergonomics? Check out our White Paper on ergonomics as well as our Lean Manufacturing and Lean Office approaches, including the 5S method, MUDA or Worker Safety, where ergonomics at work is addressed.

Ergonomics at Work White Paper