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Factory of the future: what is it?

The Factory of the Future or Industry 4.0 is a concept where robotic connectivity is done intelligently and saves time and productivity.

Why are we talking about the factury of the future

As a relentless wave, the roaring industrial technology carries every day its batch of innovations, tools and processes. Driven by the scum of digitization, here comes the connected factory or the factory of the future or more commonly called the factory 4.0. Give a place to the factory of the future where the connectivity of men and objects is implemented. Revolve is the time of "daddy's workshop". This type of structuring has now given way to the manufacture of goods and products, supported by technological developments. The industry has worked over the centuries to revolutionize its technologies according to its needs. From coal to robotics and electrical production, manufacturers have never stopped putting technological innovation at the center of their productivity. Today the revolution is in the age of the internet and digital technologies and the factory 4.0 is its most faithful representative.

Factory 4.0: the transformation of the industry

To summarize let's say that the factory 4.0 is the consummate marriage of the net and robots. To put it a little more concretely, let's argue that the factory of the future is genetically programmed to take full advantage of the internet and all that the digital revolution can bring. The communication tools we use on a daily basis are increasingly associated with other significant innovations (augmented reality, cybersecurity, 3D printing, the Internet of Things (IOT), big data...) to redesign the heart of the heart of our factories and industrial processes. Tentacular, the phenomenon accelerates and exceeds the strict area of the workshop. It happily deploys his appendages throughout the company, from the lobby to the offices. This great upheaval bears a name, it is the "digital transformation", also called "electronic transformation". This involves great challenges both in terms of resources, organization and expenses. It is at this stage that the digital management comes to reinforce its impact on the operation mode, the way of thinking and especially on how to manufacture!

The challenge of our industrial companies, now is to follow their path in the digital transformation while keeping a close eye on what remains absolutely fundamental: human resources! The recipe of the factory of the future (reactive and connected), upfront, requires the intervention of specialized and knowledgeable staff, trained in the new technologies of information and communication. In this context, the Sesa Systems team supports you with its line of innovative products in the qualitative organization of your production.

Industry 4.0: key technologies for the factory of the future

While speaking of factory of the "future", we need to consider that it is more of "present" that we speak. The factory 4.0 is here. It's here and it's now! The grand parade of digital technologies has valiantly passed the preamble stage. On its own, the arrival of the internet has already largely disrupted the chessboard of work by promoting missions that no longer require the physical presence of employees. New digital technologies are changing the way we anticipate things, the way we do them, and the process we use to track, test, evaluate, and enrich them. The main idea of Sesa Systems is to insist on the extreme importance of human support and the measures that should be integrated for the implementation of a qualitative digitization of your plant.

Many of your employees may be anxious or disoriented by the very idea of the factory 4.0. Even passing quickly on the couplet of resistance to change, no one can deny that this brake exists and that it will always exist. To make a nuanced sorting between the potential worries and the real opportunities, a stealthy look is not enough. Only a serious analysis of the implications and consequences of the digital transition will make it possible to tackle this change in a meaningful way. The company must offer its employees a complete kit (real-time production monitoring, performance indicator, digital management tool, LEAN methods...). In this context of optimization, digital strategy advice is emerging as a compelling necessity. The experts of Sesa Systems are able to offer you an effective and engaging approach, with specially marked tools to accompany your change. Particularly through the use of our computer-controlled Elearning APPROACH (tool based on the acquisition of new skills through fun games)

The revolution of connected factories

As part of your digital transformation You will need to inventory the technologies that impact you and draw up a precise inventory. At Sesa Systems, we put at the center of our concept all the technologies needed to improve the workstations. In many companies, the skein that must promote the interconnection of all technologies still has its share of stripped wires. And the convergence is down because it lacks the final touch: the binding wire. It is this wire that Sesa Systems offers you. Let's share this vision of the factory of the future.