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Signage is an essential communication tool for companies. Nameplates or door plates are valuable for clearly communicating information in workplace locations, such as reception halls, corridors, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, and hospital rooms. This is why SESA SYSTEMS offers information plates that inform you if you are in the right place at a glance.

Customizable Signage

Customizable signage is extremely valuable when you need a door plate that adapts well to changes in the work environment. With our signage, information can be changed quickly and easily; just unclip the aluminum profile on each side, insert your papers, and re-clip. The signage will protect the document and maintain good readability under a transparent anti-reflective plexiglass plate. The door plate can be arranged both vertically and horizontally—customize the orientation to fit your needs.

Mark Room Occupancy

There’s nothing more frustrating than being interrupted by unexpected visitors during an important meeting or presentation. But how can we blame uninformed workers unaware of the meeting inside an unmarked conference room? SESA SYSTEMS signage eradicates this scenario so that managing meeting rooms is clear and easy; inform workers about room availability with a green or red occupancy signal by sliding either the green or red occupancy signs into the door plate. Our signage is easy to install in minutes, requires “zero wiring,” and sticks quickly and easily to doors. Our contemporary design signage will fit perfectly into your company’s interior decor.

Pictograms: An Alternative to Door Signs

Do you want signs installed on your office, service, or workshop doors that use symbols rather than text? Our adhesive pictograms and magnetic symbols are great options for professional door plates; these pictograms use easily identifiable symbols and colors to help build good visual management within the workplace. These types of communication tools help ensure proper functioning in industrial and business environments. Our pictograms adapt to indoor and outdoor environments and can be used together with signaling tape as ground markings. With pictograms, your industrial signage will be more efficient and organized.