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The industrial anti-fatigue mat, for operators comfort, health, and productivity

In industrial environments, anti-fatigue mats are becoming indispensable tools. Operators stand on hard surfaces for long periods of time. Their composition can absorb and dampen steps and reduce pressure considerably. Thanks to these mats, colloborators will be less tired and in the best working conditions because these industrial mats increase comfort in standing position and reduce the risk of slipping during work.

Discovr the complete range
Industrial workstation with a standing seat

How to choose the right anti-fatigue mat?

Choosing the right floor mat is not easy because every industrial environment is different and every workstation has its own particular needs. To select the most suitable anti-fatigue mat, you have to consider several technical characteristics.

First, select the mat’s rubber padding. The harder your floor, the more comfortable a thick padding will be for the user. On the hardest concrete floors, it is therefore advisable to choose a thick padding.

Another selection criteria is humidity. If your floor is wet or slippery, you should select a mat with anti-slip properties.

Second, select how much cushioning you need, according to the thermal insulation of your floor. It is uncomfortable to work on a cold floor. Industrial anti-fatigue mats are very good thermal insulators. So the colder your floor, the more comfortable a thick padding will be. The level of cushioning also depends on floor vibrations. Manufacturing machines in factories often cause unpleasant vibrations. Anti-fatigue mats help absorb those vibrations as much as possible.

Finally, there are anti-fatigue mats with built-in LED lighting. These are suitable for industries that need extra lighting at ground level, such as the automotive industry. If you take into account all these parameters, you will have the most ergonomic and best suited mats for your workplace.

Double benefits of industrial anti-fatigue mats

If your operators’ job requires them to stand for long hours, as is often the case in packaging areas, manufacturing industries, retail, grocery stores or restaurant kitchens, they incur MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorders) risks. In most cases, employees work standing on hard floors (such as concrete). MSDs should be avoided as much as possible because they represent personal suffering for the operator and a cost for the company and society (especially through sick leave). Standing still on a hard floor does not activate the leg muscles, and blood can collect in the feet. That causes swelling and impairs blood circulation. Man is made for movement. That is why sitting for long periods is not good for health either. It is necessary to move and vary your position to stay healthy.
Industrial anti-fatigue mats help address this issue. These padded ergonomic mats are neither too hard to prevent blood circulation, nor too soft to unbalance the worker. They imperceptibly promote foot movement, which is just enough for the leg muscles to contract and expand to activate blood circulation.
These anti-fatigue mats also provide more comfort than a simple concrete floor. These mats immediately reduce operator fatigue, and decrease the risk of MSD in the longer term. They also increase productivity, because operators are more comfortably installed and better equipped to do their job. This carpet therefore represents a double benefit, both for the company and for the operator.

Discover the range of anti-fatigue mats from SESA SYSTEMS

A single type of anti-fatigue mat can’t suit all types of professional environments. This is why SESA SYSTEMS has developed a large range of anti-fatigue mats to meet the needs of all companies, whatever their industry. Ergonomic anti-fatigue mats can be provided either individually or in long stretches that are sold by the foot. Longer versions are suitable for entire production lines, for example. The padding of anti-fatigue mats can be more or less thick. We also provide ESD anti-fatigue mats, to prevent the accumulation of electrical charges. We also have individual mats with a handle, in case you need them to be easily transportable from one location to another.

White paper ergonomics and lean for operational excellence

The anti-fatigue mat promotes ergonomics in industrial environments

Ergonomics is a real issue within companies, whatever their sector. Industrial sectors have workstation ergonomic issues, while office environments have office-related ergonomic issues. Ergonomics at work should not be overlooked, because it directly impacts employee productivity and therefore the performance of the company as a whole.
Ergonomics is about adapting work, tools, methods and the environment to humans, based on the physiological, psychological and social aspects of work. The goal is to prevent MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders) and workplace accidents, while optimizing performance.
LEAN Management applies methods and provides corresponding tools that support ergonomics. The industrial non-slip mat, like the sit-stand seat, is one of those tools that allow you to apply LEAN methods and offer good ergonomics to operators.

For more information on ergonomics and LEAN for operational excellence , you can download our white paper on this subject.

Download our Ergonomics white paper