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In an industrial environment, identifying problems is essential. The earlier the blocking points are detected, the faster they can be corrected and the faster production can resume at its normal rate. In order to identify breakdowns and problems as quickly as possible, SESA SYSTEMS offers you an effective visual system: the Andon system light column.

The light column, a visual solution for immediate problem detection

Installed at operator stations, the ANDON light column is a component of LEAN Manufacturing. It allows operators to report information to their manager without leaving their workstation. This information can be: a lack of parts, a problem, a breakdown… and each information can be assigned to a color. In this way, the operator avoids unnecessary travel and the workshop manager is immediately informed to take action. The information is visual and using this system can reduce waiting times due to faster intervention on the operator's station. The visual identification with the use of colors also makes it easier to know the operator's need, thus reducing the operator's inactivity time.

Use the light column for visibility of the entire production chain on a single station.

Optimize your visibility of the production chain by connecting all LEANANDON LED light columns to a network. Thanks to radio module, data is collected and sent reliably and quickly to increase the efficiency of the chain as a whole. With a push of a button, you have access to reliable and relevant data. The software can also be used without a license! Do not wait any longer to install your ANDON system and step into the era ofIndustry 4.0

The ANDON light column, an ingenious solution for Industry 4.0

The LEANANDON modular LED light column is an important component of the Industry 4.0 from SESA SYSTEMS. LEANANDON light columns indeed offer greater flexibility (modular elements), better visibility from any position and simple assembly (Poka Yoke). Equipped for the future, the light columns are easy for networking which saves time and costs: from the acquisition of the product to its daily commissioning, including assembly.

Industry 4.0, a major challenge for factory of the future

The ANDON light column system is only a gateway to the digital age and Industry 4.0. Indeed, this industrial solution is much broader and can be applied to an entire interconnected company. By using connected digital screens, for example, it is possible to display information in real time in all the premises, which allows accelerated decision-making and better management of production. Thanks to solutions like SESA MES, the number of parts produced by the production workshop is updated in real time. All your performance indicators can be centralized in software such as SESAHUB and then displayed to the entire company through your screens.