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Definition, explanation and advice on the Lean approach through several methods and tools

Lean is an industrial management method whose main objective is constant progress. It helps to create maximum value with minimum resources. Continuous improvement is the fundamental principle of Lean Enterprise.

Livres Méthodes LEAN

The Lean Approach Principles

Over the past 20 years, a growing number of industrial companies have adopted lean production management methods. Lean is based on the philosophy of Toyota's production system (TPS), originally called "just-in-time production". The Lean approach is a production management method based on the search for performance through continuous improvement and the elimination of waste.

Lean is a phased approach. To work properly, you and your team should start with an analysis of the field's reality. Subsequently, the implementation phase shouldn't be based on just one method. Single methods such as Kaizen or just-in-time are not sufficient. Lean is first and foremost a state of mind. It is essential that your production team and managers work together through the entire project. The Lean approach requires a continuous learning dynamic, enabling employees' professional development, which in turn strengthens the company.

Over time, Lean has been separated into several categories: Lean Management, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office, Automation with Industry 4.0 and Employee Well-Being through Ergonomics, to name a few. Each of these approaches is based on a similar philosophy, a similar state of mind but uses different tools.

Do you have a LEAN project?

You want to initiate a Lean project but don't know where to start? SESA SYTEMS has designed product ranges that support thousands of Lean programs. Don't hesitate to contact our sales team to support you throughout your project.

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Projet LEAN Projet LEAN

Lean Enterprise application and tools

The advantages and disadvantages of continuous improvement

The Lean approach can be applied through several methods. Lean's purpose isn't solely to increase industrial performance and profits, though. For example, speeding up production in a way that reduces employee well-being is contrary to Lean Manufacturing or Lean Management and may result in increased absenteeism. To support your goals, your teams must be motivated and provided with an ergonomic workplace. The Lean mindset puts employees' well-being first, in a way that ultimately improves productivity. For example, it changes operators' work habits by reducing unnecessary movements, reduces waste of raw materials, waste of space, etc. Some factories miss this key point and deviate from continuous improvement.

Would you like to learn and use Lean tools while having fun?

Some Lean tools can be complicated to understand. It isn't always easy to know where to start and how to integrate Lean into day-to-day operations. To help train your teams quickly and easily, SESA SYSTEMS has developed fun training games on several Lean themes. You just need to gather your staff in small groups, follow the slides that we provide, and learn while having fun. We call our line of games the "APPROACH" product range.

Once your employees have assimilated the method through our games, we can provide them with Starter Kits to test and pilot Lean projects in their departments. Each Starter Kit comes in a case containing various products that employees can use to initiate a pilot project related to the Lean method they have learned. Don't wait any longer to train your teams while having fun!

Discover our fun Lean training games range

The advice and methods of SESA SYSTEMS

SESA SYSTEMS, as a manufacturer of industrial furniture, Lean Manufacturing equipment and Visual Management tools, has developed products that support the Lean requirements. Our mission is to support you in the integration of these methods and help you put them into practice in your company. We hope that our expertise in Lean Enterprise can bring value to you and your company.

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