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The Paperboard, an essential work and communication medium in your offices

Discover the full range

Run your meetings efficiently with SESA SYSTEMS magnetic flip charts

Teamwork, meetings, conferences and seminars are part of everyday business. Employees must have the right tools to carry out their tasks and capture the attention of the audience. For this, SESA SYSTEMS offers a complete range of display supports to equip your office and meeting spaces. Paperboards are still essential today and are of great help during your presentations.
A true collaborative tool, the flipchart remains an essential support in meeting and conference rooms. In addition to digital media, the Office Paperboard helps you boost your discussions and raise comments during meetings with your employees. The magnetic easel on feet or on wheels from SESA SYSTEMS ensures the common thread of your oral presentation which must be clearly identified by an objective that is understandable for all. This display and writing medium, unlike PowerPoint presentations, allows you to guide your audience and establish proper follow-up procedures by writing down important information on a piece of paper that is available to anyone anytime. Additionally, the surface of the Paperboard is extendable with two lateral brackets that are equipped with clips to hang your sheets. You can display 3 note sheets simultaneously using these. The easel is also magnetic, so you can display various visuals or graphics on it using magnets.

What are the benefits of using a SESA SYSTEMS flipchart ?

The easels conferences strongly encourage good group dynamics, especially during the brainstorming workshops. At the center of teamwork, they fit perfectly into your creativity spaces, places dedicated to idea developments. This display medium allows you to materialize your exchanges by collecting your ideas and thoughts. Once your notes are taken, you can easily remove your sheet to view or keep.
Using this flip chart, you can write down questions and points to be covered later at the end of your presentation. In a Visual Management, we recommend that you use several colored markers to categorize your ideas and memorize them more easily. All these elements will help you conclude and summarize your presentation.
The conference board is also of great help in the context of training and in the preparation of your projects. Following the use of our training games and starter kit, you can jot down your thoughts on planning a 5S project or even VSM.

Mobile Flipchart or Magnetic Flipchart? Find the perfect Flipchart for your organization!

Depending on the use of your flipchart and to adapt to your work environment, whether in offices, meeting rooms, training space or in your workshops, we offer several flipcharts : fixed , mobile or even magnetic.
For the facilitator's convenience and to apply ergonomics at work, our Paperboards are height adjustable. Our professional easels are equipped with a white painted sheet for writing with a dry-erasable type erasable felt-tip pen. This is very practical if you no longer have a paper roll refill : you can continue using this as a real whiteboard. The background is also magnetic, which makes it easy to display using magnets. Our magnetic easels on feet can therefore be qualified as a 2 in 1 product.
These erasable flipcharts have an aluminum bucket along the entire length of the charts to store your colored markers. Also, for a maximized display surface, sliding hooks can display 3 sheets or all paper pad formats.
SESA SYSTEMS also has a transportable Paperboard that can be fixed on any magnetic surface. It can be a space-saving and practical tool if you have little space.

The digital Paperboard, a collaborative working tool that is more dynamic than ever

As part of the factory of the future, SESA SYSTEMS takes a considerable amount of interest in creating innovative products. Thus, we offer 100% digital and connected flipcharts to meet the needs of Industry 4.0. The digital flipchart, like the traditional flipchart with paper, allows you to animate your meetings, in an even more dynamic way! Conducive to a connected and 100% collaborative work environment, it helps in engaging the audience.
The Paperboard occupies a place of choice in your Lean Management or Visual Management strategy. The professional Paperboard remains a very interesting medium for engaging meetings, whatever their nature (project, brainstorming, informational). This easel makes it easier for the facilitator to speak and take notes for the audience. It is a collaborative tool that promotes dynamic exchanges and makes it possible to highlight strategic points. It’s safe to say that the Paperboard is an essential asset for a successful meeting or conference!