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Complete your bulletin boards with magnetic plaques to boost your Visual Management

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Why use visual management?

Visual Management is intended to facilitate the transmission of information between a large number of people at all levels. It makes it possible to keep track of daily improvements and offer various messages and indicators necessary for the accomplishment of different missions. The goal is to quickly visualize the relevant indicators of a service or workshop in order to manage various activities efficiently.
This technique must be simple to implement, accessible in the field and be done in real time. A table should be viewed in seconds and understandable by everyone. To facilitate its reading, means of transmission of information are implemented: signs, symbols, graphics, colors or pictograms.

VISIOFLASH, the perfect solution to display your monitoring or performance indicators

A fun presentation of your industrial performance indicators will help you visualize important and new information with a quick and efficient update. This product line incorporates powerful tools bringing together qualitative and quantitative information that is easy to implement within the framework of a participatory process.
The different VISIOFLASH from SESA SYSTEMS allows you to highlight different performance indicators, you will be able to manage your business better and make relevant decisions relating to your strategy.

  • Simplicity and ease of understanding through a universal language (use of magnetic weather symbols at 5 levels or Face: green, orange, red).
  • Readability, clarity and speed of reading in less than 1 second.
  • Fun and synthetic presentation enhancing the plant for multiple targets: Operators, Management, Shareholders, Customers.
  • Scalable and flexible with interchangeable and customizable magnetic labels.
  • Time saving: immediate readability of data (you know immediately where to improve, real dashboard).
  • Quick update by operators, no pencil, no calculator, no computer, no paper.
  • Economical : no need to print or write (savings in printers, consumables and paper, greener approach and more in line with sustainable development).
  • Attractive : the different shapes and colors instantly catch the eye.
  • Reactive : the weak points identified initiate an Action Plan and then new measures with simplicity

How do I use VISIOFLASH in my business?

The updating of VISIOFLASH is carried out directly by operators in real time with immediate readability to elicit a reaction, corrective action and greater accountability. The principle of use is very simple and scalable. All the labels are interchangeable and customizable to adapt to all the indicators of your choice. The magnetic and writing quality felt media can be instantly updated with an erasable marker or magnetic numbers depending on the results and objectives defined by associating the trend with the sun/cloud symbols.

A visual and effective product for field management

The wide range of VISIOFLASH equipped with visuals in harmony with the theme (quality, safety, etc.) offers a clear and rapid understanding and allows to develop a uniform presentation for all the actors on the whole site.
Thanks to the magnetic plates, the operator knows where to improve and measures the impact of the actions, the indicators are perceived as real values ​​with a better appropriation, implication, responsibility and motivation of all.