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The magnetic whiteboard, a key visual management tool to energize your meetings

Discover the complete range

The magnetic whiteboard, a timeless product with multiple uses

The magnetic whiteboard empowers internal visual communication. It is a must-have for meetings, schools and colleges, and any workplace.
Indeed, they can take on many roles other than that of writing the day's lesson to be copied. They allow to display various information and are in this sense an essential communication support for who wants to set up a Visual Management approach within his company.
Magnetic whiteboards are versatile and useful in many environments. First, magnetic whiteboards are available in many sizes, either on stands or wall-mounted, so you can place them anywhere. Second, you can use them to display documents, thanks to magnetic document protectors or magnetic tacks. For example, placing a whiteboard in a strategic location with a lot of foot traffic can help you inform staff or raise employee-awareness on important topics. Third, you can write on whiteboards, take notes, draw diagrams of complex processes, thanks to erasable markers that come in different colors. Last but not least, they also serve as projector screens, which saves you space when you need to project an image or a video using a video projector on a smooth white surface.
A magnetic whiteboard can also be used to project an image via a video projector thanks to its white surface! The magnetic board is also an inexpensive and durable solution for transmitting information. Indeed, if connected screens are a very good solution to disseminate information in an Industry 4.0 context and the factory of the future, these equipments remain expensive and their installation can be technical. Their energy consumption is not negligible.

A wide variety of magnetic whiteboards from SESA SYSTEMS

Each company is different. That is why, at SESA SYSTEMS, we have developed a wide and diverse range of magnetic whiteboards to meet the needs of anyone.
Our range of whiteboards includes sliding whiteboards, whiteboards with document storage, pivoting whiteboards, three-sided whiteboards, rotating whiteboards, wall-mounted or freestanding whiteboards, as well as whiteboards in vertical or horizontal format. So whatever your need or configuration, you can find the right whiteboard.
We also provide whiteboard accessories, including magnetic accessories and erasable markers.

Apply Visual Management thanks to magnetic whiteboards

Visual Management is a LEAN method that increases team performance and more generally business performance. Effective visual communication enables employees to detect possible problems and quickly take the necessary decisions. It facilitates information transfer between employees from different departments and at different levels.
How do you implement effective visual communication? You can implement effective visual management with simple tools such as magnetic whiteboards, signs, as well as clear and relevant indicators. The simpler and clearer, the better. You must keep their information up-to-date as close as possible to real-time, in order to reflect the reality on the field. Use magnetic whiteboards as a two-way communication medium: use them to communicate objectives, instructions and key performance indicators (KPI), but also make it a space where employees can express themselves.