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Display cabinet

SESA SYSTEMS’ collection of display cases creates welcoming lobbies, meeting rooms, or offices. LED lights inside provide a way to store or display objects or documents. The glass walls of the display case make everything easily visible. Functi ...
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SESA SYSTEMS’ collection of display cases creates welcoming lobbies, meeting rooms, or offices. LED lights inside provide a way to store or display objects or documents. The glass walls of the display case make everything easily visible. Functional aesthetic showcases for your company. Display cases are available in rectangular or triangular shapes to adapt to any office. Height adjustable shelves provide an easy display of your choice. The anodized aluminum frame provides a sturdy and upscale finish that fits with most office interiors. Depending on the model chosen, the lower display window can be replaced by a regular door to store confidential documents that are not to be displayed. All display cases can be locked to ensure products and documents are secure. Accessories to customize your showcases. The display cabinets are very versatile and accessories can be customized to meet your needs and circumstances. Use a banner to give information about the contents of the display case to visitors in a showroom. Add wheels if the cabinet will be moved around. The display case models with feet elevate products and documents to an adequate height so that viewers do not have to bend down to see them. Don’t wait to discover how our products attractively display your products in a showroom or store documents with unmatched efficiency. MULTIMEDIA TERMINAL - IMPORTED The multimedia terminal, part of the ergonomic office furniture range, appeals to the growing digitalization needs in office lobbies. The MEDIAPOST will help you customize all communication between you and your clients. As they use it, you will be perceived as a leader in technology innovation. Along with a multimedia screen display, there is a secure computer available for public use and a way to advertise and sell your products to the public. The multimedia terminal gives self-service access to the internet. Adaptable to your unique company needs MEDIAPOST comes in many different options to accommodate different types of flat screens and for use in different types of workplace environments. Its rugged yet modern finish is versatile with most corporate interiors. A screen protector and a metal case with rubber gaskets and a lockable plexiglass door protects the screen from dust, vandalism, and water damage. The lower anodized aluminum component houses the central computer unit that is secured with a locked door in the back. Other accessories include power strips to connect to printers and a ventilation kit for better central unit cooling. Advantages of using this range of products include the ability to prolong the life of expensive computer equipment and lower operating costs. More importantly, it portrays a strong and tech-savvy corporate image to customers. LOBBY FURNITURE (IMPORTED) Provide the best first impression by showcasing your company with our COMSPACE furniture. It offers both functionality and a modern look that will not disappoint. Our COMSPACE adjustable reception desk is perfect for your receptionist, giving them a practical and pleasant workspace with plenty of storage. Its attractive aluminum structure provides a white tray with a clean, professional appearance. Its modular nature adapts to your unique work and office environment. To complete your lobby, provide information to your clients with the COM’DESIGN welcome display. The COM’DESIGN comes in two versions, one that displays four A4-sized documents and the other that displays three A3-sized documents. Use this to display a personalized greeting, implementation maps or directional plans, certification or site approval, business information, and Visual Management. This display can also be used in showrooms or in meeting rooms to share product or marketing information. This innovational system showcases your company right at the get-go. Adapt lobby furniture to your employee’s needs. Complimentary accessories for front desk furniture optimizes employees’ comfort. Make your receptionist feel right at home with one or more of the many SESA SYSTEMS office accessories. These include storage units on wheels, storage stainless steel cabinets, ergonomic seats, and more. PRODOC Adhesive document holders and protectors ensure information is optimally visible to visitors. Provide a modern and pleasant lobby for your clients. Show your finest products and entice your customers in as you welcome them to the lobby. Create a warm and inviting ambience with SESA SYSTEMS reception furniture and lighting design. Display your products in a showroom and provide a modern multimedia terminal for your waiting room visitors to use. Our range of products supplies you with everything needed for the optimal layout of your lobby, showrooms, or meeting rooms.