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When working in offices, some people spend a lot of time in a sitting position. The height of the work surface is often poorly adapted to the physical characteristics of the employees (work surface that is too low, for example). This is why SESA SYSTEMS offers height-adjustable desks that allow you to adapt your working position to your needs. The aim is to make your workstation more ergonomic.

Why use an electric desk?

Human beings are designed for movement. Staying in a static position for hours has repercussions on health, in the short and long term. It is therefore strongly recommended to change your working position regularly. The sitting-standing desk includes two electric jacks for height adjustment. The height of the desk is adjusted using a choice of electric control (box with buttons, remote control, desk, smartphone application) which provides the flexibility required in dynamic and modern working environments. The height-adjustable electric desks meet a specific objective: to reduce the pain caused by MSDs. It is advisable in all cases to adjust the height of your desk for a comfortable sitting position that is beneficial for your body: the standard height of the desks is suitable for people whose height is 175 cm. An adjustment of 14 cm is required for people with heights ranging from 160 cm to 190 cm.

Complementary accessories for an optimal electrical office

We offer a wide range of accessories for ergonomic desks such as ergonomic office chairs to promote good posture. LEANERGO can also be added in this list to help you achieve optimal lean office. Many companies have invested to implement ergonomics at work for a few years now. The main principle of ergonomics is for humans to adapt to their working environment based on physiological and psychic factors. An optimum ergonomic working environment can improve employees' health and occupational health is a key issue for companies. Very often, their furniture and their work tools are not sufficiently adapted to their working environments and this can cause unwanted pain for employees due to bad postures throughout the day. This is what we call MSDs: musculoskeletal disorders and they are directly linked to working conditions, and they are the main cause of absenteeism in France. The main objective when implementing ergonomics processes is to provide good working conditions. This is also the reason why we recommend the use of ergonomic SESA SYSTEMS desks that are designed for the comfort of your employees. At SESA SYSTEMS, we offer you the solutions to meet your ergonomic needs by setting up your workstation to your liking.