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Professional workshop bench | MAINTPOST 6000B

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      • The perforated sheet metal back bottom allows for efficient storage of your tools.
      • Robust steel base on 4 feet allowing to support loads up to 800 kg.
      • Available in several widths from 800 to 2000 mm
      • Choice between a tray with rubber or laminate coating to meet the constraints of the place and activities
      • Customizable with many accessories thanks to the grooved anodized aluminium upright.
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      Product Description
      Frame on anodized grooved aluminium structure, for fixing accessories. Sturdy steel base (epoxy grey colour) on four legs. 27 mm thick table top, made of laminate or rubber coated. Rear bottom in perforated sheet metal for fixing the hooks, on a frame in anodised aluminium profiles, grooved. Perforated bottom with 38 mm centre distance. Optional upper sliding doors, to be ordered with the station.
      Technical specifications
      SKU 74
      ss_media_document LEAN-Enterprise-2020-SESA-SYSTEMS-english-page-105.pdf
      Tags Atelier,Industrie,Lean Manufacturing,Maintenance,TPM
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      Simple single hook

      This simple hook can be fixed to an aluminium profile using an...

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      Hex keys holder

      Holder for allen

      Select your model

      M5 T-slot nut with washer and L 8 mm screws for aluminium extrusion profile mounting

      This product is essential to attach an accessory to an aluminium...

      Select your model

      M5 T-slot nut with spring and screws for aluminium extrusion profile mounting

      Mounting on aluminium profile screw/cleats M5 with tab

      Select your model

      Absorbing silentbloc rubber feet

      Kit of 4 silentblock absorption

      Select your model

      Roll dispenser for perforated back

      DISTRIBUTOR for rolls for perforated

      Select your model

      Metallic bottle holder

      Metallic bottle holder H 120 mm, Ø 92

      Select your model

      Design headband "MAINTENANCE POINT"

      This design banner makes it possible to highlight your visual...

      Select your model

      Tool hook open end

      Set of 3 open supports Ø 10,16,19

      Select your model

      Lower shelf for mounting on aluminium profile

      Additional height-adjustable lower

      Select your model

      Upper shelf for rear bottom mounting

      Top shelf P 300 mm, delivered with accessories for mounting on...

      Select your model

      Closed stands


      Select your model

      Sliding lockable PMMA doors with key

      Sliding doors in PMMA lockable

      Select your model

      Rail for plastic bin

      Rail for plastic

      Select your model

      Mounting rail for plastic bins

      Rail for fixing plastic

      Select your model

      Magnetic cutting sheet

      Magnetic cutting

      Select your model

      Customizable curved headband

      Customizable curved signage

      Select your model

      LED lighting for workstations

      LED lighting for

      Select your model

      Lower shelf


      Select your model

      Housing with lock for QUALIPOST 600

      Upper cabinet 125 L556 mm mm with 1 drawer H 90 mm and lock,...

      Select your model

      Anomaly report form

      These Anomaly report sheet, developed with the biggest...

      Select your model

      Hand towel kit

      Hand towel

      Select your model

      Swivel roller wheels with brakes (Ø 2.95-3.94 Inch)

      Set of 2,3,4,5,6 swivel roller wheels with brake (Ø 2.95-3.94...

      Select your model

      5S side holder for bin bag

      Side bin holder with 10 plastic

      Select your model

      Hook L 50-100 mm Ø 5 mm

      Set of 5 SINGLE HANDLE L50MM DIAM. 5MM and Set of 3 DOUBLE Hook...

      Select your model

      5-way power strip with power switch

      Electric ramp 5 outlets 220 volts and indicator switch, power...

      Select your model

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