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Who We Are

We are the world leader in Lean Enterprise, providing 13,500+ companies with Quality, Continuous Improvement, and Visual Management tools to help increase their performance. Since 1990, our R&D team continuously innovates: we create more than 150 new products per year.

Our North American headquarters in New York City serves our customers across all North America including the United States, Canada and Mexico. In our showroom and SESA SYSTEMS ACADEMY in New York City, you can test some of our products, our training games and take advantage of our Lean Academy workshops.

Projet LEAN

Lean manufacturing equipment, visual management and industrial workstation manufacturer

Founded by Jean-Paul Lerailler in 1990, SESA SYSTEMS is an industrial workstation manufacturer. Since then we have continuously developed operators’ work.First to create QUALITY POINTS, we have developed a complete range of Visual Management products and specific tools dedicated to LEAN Manufacturing. As an industrial workstation and furniture manufacturer, we are proud to count among our customers many large multinational industrial groups. All of our products are recognized and marketed globally. With currently 8 patents, 240 models registered, and 150 new products created every year, innovation is at the core of our business.

Visual Management, use good practices thanks to an efficient display in your company.

Visual Management relies on communication and visual display techniques to share information and monitor goals in comparison to real time results. This technique relies upon visual impact to hierarchize information such as color codes, graphic elements and other indicators. Goals are set against team performances. SESA SYSTEMS offers many products to implement Visual Management principles. They help to increase employees’ knowledge and efficiency in addition to measuring their performance toward set goals.

Industry 4.0, a transformation led by connected technologies

Industry 4.0 includes an innovative product range for the factory of the future. Thanks to IOT, we are able to share real time information anywhere within a company. Sharing information or performance signals across all company departments has become very simple with a digital visual management approach. The resulting d-tools and displays are used to make interactive animations or presentations for meetings.

SESA SYSTEMS, an ergonomic office furniture manufacturer, offers a complete range of office furniture

At SESA SYSTEMS, you will find a complete range of ergonomic office furniture. Aesthetically pleasing and unique, our furniture creates a clean and pleasant working space. Optimized for employees’ ergonomics and through best continuous improvement practices, our furniture provides a comfortable and engaging environment. Made in France, our products are beautiful and practical. Our furniture come in different sizes to customize your needs whether you are looking for an ergonomic chair or any related accessories. They will give you a nice well-organized space to optimize your practice of Office principles.

Optimal management of your processes and resources thanks to SESA SYSTEMS’ LEAN Manufacturing solutions

To identify and eliminate waste, LEAN Manufacturing uses an approach to improve production results. Thanks to the solutions offered by SESA SYSTEMS, you will optimize your processes and resources. Non value-adding tasks create inefficiencies and will be removed from your company’s operational processes. In addition, your inventory will decrease and your turns will improve. With its ergonomic and INOX ranges, SESA SYSTEMS offers different choices to optimize workstation organization. Modern, innovative and strongly customizable, these smart products fit all industries.

Innovative logistical solutions to reduce inventory and logistical costs.

SESA SYSTEMS offers customized solutions for dynamic storage. Thanks to the customization of LEANDYNAMIC, you can reduce production line length, optimize your inventory turn around and eliminate useless conveyors. Operators can focus on their tasks and pay better attention to their work. We also offer several KANBAN planning tools, mobile devices and trolleys to facilitate end-to-end control of your logistics.

Floor marking, an essential tool for a safe and well organized workshop.

Accidents in the workplace are a major risk and issue for companies. They need to take a set of actions to reduce and avoid them. SESA SYSTEMS offers a range of tools to implement these actions. The products in this range identify risky areas in your company and highlight them to employees and visitors. The displayed safety instructions and various pictograms used will show these risky areas. These products facilitate the organization of offices and factories to avoid work accidents!

Educational training games to discover and apply continuous improvement principles in a company

SESA SYSTEMS produces various support tools for LEAN Management. These include educational training games to discover and apply different LEAN and continuous improvement methods. These games are played as a team and help identify potential issues you, as a company, may have which can be resolved using the LEAN methodology. Once the training has completed, the company can start a pilot project on site thanks to the start-up kits provided for this purpose. The goal is to give a certain autonomy to employees in order to apply directly theory into practice.

Important dates in SESA SYSTEMS’ history.

SESA SYSTEMS, a global LEAN Enterprise leader, has continuously evolved over time.

Below are the key dates in SESA SYSTEMS’ history:

  • 1990: SESA SYSTEMS is founded. Its products are created and manufactured at our French production site.
  • From 1991 to 1997: Designed products awarded for their innovation. Designed the QUALIPOST range and the first visual management tables (ESPACE INFO, MOD'INFO). Created MAINTPOST and NETPOST products (TPM and 5S site). Designed specific aluminum profiles.
  • 1998 Built a new production plant in France – expanded in 2002 and 2007.
  • 1999-2003 Expanded Internationally: first subsidiaries created in Germany and Belgium, contracted first distributors in Spain and Portugal. Certified ISO 9001.
  • 2003 Acquired R&D optimization tools (3D software).
  • 2004-2013 Extended our range of products: 150 new products launched every year. Created an aluminum cover to apply on the entire product range. Strong international development years for the company.
  • 2004 Conceptualized continuous improvement.
  • 2006 Created SESA SYSTEMS PROGRESS to visually manage production performance. Developed LEAN Manufacturing on parallel tracks.
  • 2009 APPROACH is created. Including 12 games, APPROACH is a disruptive training method made of unique entertaining games.
  • 2010 Created the LEAN Manufacturing product range comprising of 2350 products.
  • 2012 Produced a new LEAN Office range to simplify office organization.
  • 2013 Expanded Internationally: opened new locations in Europe and North America.
  • 2014 Designed the dynamic LEANDYNAMIC shelving system. Entered new business development partnerships in Italy and Tunisia.
  • 2015 Achieved additional international growth through a new e-commerce portal. Created a 3,270ft lean and continuous improvement training building called the SESA SYSTEMS ACADEMY. On-boarded two new distributors in Morocco and Poland.
  • 2016 Founded two subsidiaries in Luxembourg and Germany. Integrated barcodes in products to satisfy customer needs. 11 “ACADEMIES” are created for export purposes.
  • 2017 Created a new LEAN Enterprise and Industry 4.0 catalog. Started to investigate the North American marketplace. Onboarded a distributor in Russia.
  • 2018 Created a North American subsidiary to cover the US, Canada and Mexico.

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