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Standard terms of sale

PRICE OFFER: Our price offers have a validity of 30 days from the sending of the price offer, unless it was stipulated otherwise in writing at the time of the offer.

ACCEPTANCE OF OFFER: A purchase order is considered as an acceptance of offer, when it contains all information necessary for the treatment of the order.

PURCHASE ORDER: the purchase orders, which are placed by us, imply the acceptation of the sales conditions thereafter. Any cancellation which was not confirmed by us, implies that the buyer pays at least 30% of the amount of the purchase order to SESA SYSTEMS.

PRICE: Our prices are those mentioned in the offer conditions or in the current tariff list (valid up to the 31st December of each year). Our prices exclude shipping and packing costs. Furthermore to offset concrete cost increases (tax…), SESA SYSTEMS reserves the right to adapt the prices without notice.

PAYMENTS: Unless it was stipulated otherwise in writing at the time of the offer, the payments must be made by bank transfer (for the E.U, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands) or by Proforma invoice (for other countries) after reception of the order for a first purchase order. Any delay in payments implies a delivery and manufacturing stop and a payment of interests to SESA SYSTEMS.

RESERVATION OF OWNERSHIP: according to the law n° 80335 of 12 May 1980, the delivered goods remain the property of SESA SYSTEMS until the invoice is fully paid. Until this date, the buyer has to bear the possible damages of the material and he cannot resell this material without our permission. In case of default on the part of the Purchaser, in case of non respect of payment, SESA SYSTEMS can demand by registered post the repossession of the goods at the buyer’s costs.

DELIVERY: The delay for the manufacturing are calculated from the arrival of the purchase order, containing all information necessary for the order treatment. The delivery time on the price offer is an appraisal. On the receipt, the expected delivery date will be mentioned ex works. Any delay in the transmission of the information concerning an order can lead to delay modification.

CHARACTERISTICS: Any dimensions, weight, performances and technical characteristics are approximate. These values are contractual and do not engage our responsibility.

SERVICE DELIVERY: Every preliminary installation (connection, interconnection, etc), putting into service, staff training, technical assistance, advice, repairs, or, in general, every service delivery, which will be made for the customer’s needs will be invoiced at the current tariff and will require a purchase order.

DELAY IN DELIVERY: SESA SYSTEMS shall not be liable for any delay resulting in whole or in part from Acts of God, lock-out, fire, strike, lack of energy or raw materials, severe weather conditions, or any other circumstances or cause beyond the control of SESA SYSTEMS in the conduct of its business. A delay in delivery could not lead to an order cancellation or to damages.

TRANSPORT: The goods travel at the own risk of the buyer. If the goods are damaged during the transport, the buyer has to inspect the incoming goods, and if necessary to notify the defects to the carrier even if the sending was free of port.

In case of defects or missing parts, oral reservations as well as the mention “acceptance conditional upon verification” have no legal value, even if you confirm the reservations per post.

It is ESSENTIAL to follow these instructions:

1-     Describe the EXACT RESERVATIONS on the CARRIER WAY-BILL in presence of the driver.



WARRANTY: SESA SYSTEMS grants you a warranty of 6 months for the delivered goods, apart from the electrical equipment which is guaranteed by the supplier. The warranty begins from the date of delivery. No liability is taken in case of negligence, bad maintenance or incorrect use by the buyer. This warranty includes an exchange or repairs of the defective pieces. The shipping and packaging costs are paid by the buyer. We cannot be held for responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of a material failure.

LEGAL DOMICILE: The buyer declares that for any legal claim against SESA SYSTEMS, he waivers his legal domicile, and hereby accepts the legal domicile of Evreux (F).

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