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Trolleys on wheels facilitate the handling of heavy loads

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What is the weight load that is responsible for causing damage due to excessive strain?

Humans are not designed for lifting containers or heavy loads. Frequent lifting of heavy loads should be handled by using appropriate handling equipment and different transportation methods. Mobile trolleys with their modular and adequate design are useful when loads need to be easily transported.
MSDs are the main culprits of occupational diseases. Musculoskeletal disorders, directly linked to poor working conditions, affect a large number of companies. In the vast majority of cases, these are caused by manual handling.
Manual handling refers to any operation of transporting or supporting a load such as: lifting, laying, pushing, pulling or moving requiring physical effort. Note that all movements in rotation and under load, especially without prior warm-up, are at risk of causing back pain.
Employers are obligated to assess the health and safety risks their workers face. This is why it is important to adapt your working environment in order to make it ergonomic.
It is often difficult to determine the limit of loads that can be transported by hand and these are also very different depending on the company. The standard specifies indicative limits are 25 kg for men and 15 kg for women, which already seems excessive if the lifting becomes repetitive.

Health benefits associated with using wheel trolleys

Back pain is a major health problem in companies. The dorso-lumbar risk, in particular, increases if the load is too heavy, requires repetitive handling, and if working in a risky working environment.
Functional and manoeuvrable trolleys on wheels are used as tools for transporting equipment and they meet the comfort and safety needs of the handler. Because the mobile trolleys accompany the operator for movement purposes throughout the day, handling heavy loads is thus facilitated.
Designed with the aim to facilitate the daily tasks of the operator, it provides better working conditions and safety, which are the two important factors in boosting the efficiency of production.

Versatile mobile trolleys for a moving workshop

In the production environment, workshop trolleys play an essential role. An efficient and productive employee is a person without signs of MSD. For this, SESA SYSTEMS offers a range of mobile trolleys and trolleys. This professional equipment makes it possible to manage and streamline production flows within the framework of LEAN Manufacturing.
The height-adjustable electric trolleys keep a constant level to facilitate gripping of objects and provide more comfort to operators. As the operator's spine is less strained, the risk of musculoskeletal disorders is reduced.

What type of cart on wheels should you choose?

Identifying your needs will enable you to choose between our 2 main types of sideboards: with or without electric height adjustment. Each of our equipment has been designed to provide better comfort and promote the use of good postures at work.
Robust and versatile: the mobile trolleys are equipped with two melamine trays that can support up to 140 kg per level. Their compact sizes make it easier for them to accompany the operator from one end of the production chain to the other.
As for the electric workshop trolleys on telescopic columns, they help raise or lower the platforms quickly. They also meet European standard dimensions requirements to accommodate 600 x 400 mm bins. The electric jacks are controlled by a simple control panel or with position memorization.
All of our trolleys are mobile since they include 4 swivel castors Ø 100 mm with brake and they are ideal to be used in narrow aisles. The brake ensures the safety of the truck and its load, especially on sloping ground.
In a context of continuous improvement, it is possible to easily add accessories such as broom, shovel, trash support, etc due to grooved aluminum profiles.