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Use modular partitions to create effective communication spaces

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Modular industrial workshop partitions for multiple purposes

Whether in offices or production workshops, creating communication spaces is essential in organizing your business and the different work areas that result from it. Industrial premises are often subject to layout changes. This requires internal adaptations and has impacts on organizational structure. The fitting-out work often involves significant expenditure as well as a disruption in the organization of work. Modular workshop partitions can be less costly solutions to this problem and they can help by structuring and delimiting workspaces that are easier and faster to set up.
There are several models of partitions that are used by companies for multiple purposes. You can create a simple separation to distinguish activity zones using a removable sheet metal partition. Or, you can create additional information spaces by choosing partitions with a suitable coating to put adhesive or magnetic displays: a turnkey double use. With our modular and flexible partition panels, you can customize your workshop partitions and communication spaces : all of our panels are compatible with each other due to grooved aluminum uprights. For example, with our mesh workshop panels, you can quickly set up a storage platform or protect a machine park. It is also quick and easy to delimit a coffee area either using our laminate panels or semi-glazed panels.

Separation panels to make spaces for conviviality

A true Visual Management solution, workshop panels are very useful for creating communication areas and they are also user-friendly. You can thus use this space to communicate with your employees about the life of the company (security point, production point etc.), animate your daily or weekly meetings, or even to create a cafeteria area.
The quality of our materials allows us to offer partitions made of magnetic board panel, felt writing quality or colored aluminum laminate panels which ultimately help you create trendy room dividers.

Flexible partitions that can adapt to your environment, in your workshops and offices

Although mainly used in warehouses and production workshops, our modular partitions can also be installed in offices.
For example, you can create a communication space in the reception halls, to update current company events to your employees and customers. For the office part, we also offer you several products for your break rooms, meetings or spaces of creativity. The expression wall is an excellent product as it combines the function of a partition wall and a modular magnetic white panel for your teams' work meetings. Open spaces are highly popular in many companies. Although essential in the development of companies, they sometimes present some constraints such as distractions caused by noises around your environment. To solve this problem, we recommend the use of modular office partitions. We have a first version of a partition on fabric feet that allows you to customize your various services at a lower cost aesthetically. Our second version is an acoustic partition for offices which allows you to limit the ambient noise and improve employees concentration. Working conditions will be better and the productivity of your teams can only increase. The configurations of our partition walls are available in endless options to meet all your requirements!

Clearly identify your spaces with signage

When you rearrange or create new additional spaces, it is important to inform your employees. For this, ground and aerial signage are essential in identifying and marking out these areas. This enables your employees to work in new spaces with complete safety, particularly in production workshops and warehouses.