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Give scope to your communication by customizing your visual management charts according to your standards. We are able to print all types of designs on our whiteboards, thanks to adhesive screen printing. For the realization of this project, some information is necessary and unavoidable. The screen printing model must be defined on a computer format with all the dimensions of the columns, boxes and texts. By default, the font used is Helvetica, but it is possible to change it on request, just as for the usual colors being the ones of the SESA SYSTEMS graphic charter.

The steps to create your custom screen-printed whiteboard

1- Define the template that will be printed on the table

This step consists in defining within your company what you want to print on your whiteboard. You must calculate the useful dimensions of the visual management table in advance, choose the location of the titles, the size of the cells, the size of the texts, the colours used and so on. You can add your logo, icons or any other visual. The template can be sent to us in AI, EPS, PDF, JPEG, XLS or DOC formats. The file must be in high definition, preferably vectorized in order not to have any problems during printing. Here is an example of a file template for silkscreening a whiteboard.

2- Choice of the dimensions of the printed whiteboard

We can print all possible designs, large or small. You can choose to print it on one of our whiteboards or simply order the screen printing alone. This means that you will receive an adhesive vinyl film, with your model printed on it, to stick on the support you have chosen. However, it is not necessarily easy to apply the silkscreen printing yourself. This is why we advise you to choose a whiteboard or any other SESA SYSTEMS support, because it is our teams who install your screen printing.

3- Send the template to be printed to our team

In order to complete your order please contact our project manager, who will advise you on how best to design your project. This is when you will send your files. Tel: +33 (0)2 32 96 96 07 28 Mail: info@sesa-systems.com

4- Validation of the customizable table

Thanks to the ready for press document (proof), we digitally simulate the printing on the basis of the elements received. This proof is a means of checking the conformity of the layout, colours, texts and everything that constitutes the visual. Once the proof has been received, you will have to check that all the technical specifications are in conformity with your expectations. Changes are still possible but if you do not have any comments, we will need to receive your written validation by email. Printing will only start once the proof has been validated and signed by you.

Some examples of custom whiteboards

What is adhesive screen printing?

Adhesive screen printing is intended for industry because it is a self-adhesive film that is printed and cut, with the possibility of gluing it to the desired substrate. The vinyl film has a printed front side and a self-adhesive back side. In addition, it is possible to write on it with a felt pen, to delete it multiple times without damaging the screen printing. The whiteboard being magnetic it is quite appropriate to add all types of magnets on it such as document protectors, performance indicators, smileys... The adhesive screen printing is therefore a quality printing allowing to rub multiple times without losing its colors or protection, for many years.