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SESA SYSTEMS’ document protectors are essential aspects of Visual Management systems. They help you easily display your company’s information while ensuring that documents will be protected from the elements. Our document protectors are also designed to integrate with each of our support and bulletin boards.

Why should I choose SESA SYSTEMS’ document protectors?

Our range of document protectors is known for their high quality and longevity in an industrial environment. They are optimal for protecting documents and making information easily accessible.

How do I pick the right document protector for my needs?

To choose the best document protector for your specific documents and communication, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your display a magnetic surface? Our document protectors can be affixed to surfaces using magnets, adhesive tape, and stickers.
  • What size are your documents? Our PRODOC document protectors are available from A0 to A6 sizes.
  • What colors do you want? Choose from between 14 colors to associate different meanings with your documents: red for security, blue for employee information, green for production indicators, and so forth.
With these considerations in mind, you can select the right document protectors that will transform your display space to be efficient and aesthetically appealing.

A wide range of document protectors

PRODOC document protectors are available in different styles and formats depending upon your needs.

  • The PRODOC WRITER has two versions, protected or open. The protected version is under plexiglass, and the open version helps updating information on the document without taking the document out from under the glass.
  • The PRODOC TIGHT has four closed corners and protects your documents in moist or dirty environments.
  • When your display surface is not magnetic, use the PRODOC STICKY, a flexible document protector made with transparent polypropylene and self-adhesive edges. It is repositionable and can be glued on stainless steel surfaces.
  • In the PRODOC ETUI, slide your document between two sheets of plexiglass. This enables you to carry it or display it with a mounting bracket.
  • Our DOCAFLEX products can display a large number of documents at once. It has translucent pockets that can be placed on a wall, desk, and many other surfaces. It’s easy to quickly classify documents with its colored edges. There is also a magnetic version available for metal surfaces.